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Introducing JetBackup Remote Backup Services for VPS customers!

We are now offering Jetbackup Remote Backup Services for VPS customers This will allow you to have us license your servers IP with Jetbackups  and then configure your server for remote backups. With Jetbackups, we're able to generate multiple backups for you every week and have those backups stored on the remote server. What this does is: A) ... Read More »


New X Series VPS Plans

We have introduced X Series VPS plans - VPS's that outperform dedicated servers with sheer power and performance. For details head to


Massive upgrades for resellers

Webhostpython not only takes care of new customers, but our loyal long tenured customers as well. Customers on older reseller servers have been upgraded to servers that are in line with our newer line of servers. This has led to an enormous increase website loading speeds, especially WordPress based websites as those are seeing tremendous ... Read More »


Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum now accepted!

UPDATE: We have fixed the billing gateway for bitcoin/ethereum/litecoin and are once again accepting these payments

Webhostpython is proud to announce that bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum can now all be used as a form of payment! Simply select the payment option during checkout or when going to pay an invoice. Thank you!

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